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Let us design a tool for your specific application, or problem solution.

We can manufacture custom designed split rethreading die tools for your application.  Below is an example of a solution to a costly problem.

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Sometimes the drill used to start the lug nuts manages to start one, or more lug nuts off center, and damages the threads.  Current practice is to wait until the vehicle reaches the end of the production line and pull the vehicle to replace the stud, or knuckle.


  Custom designed Split Die Thread Restoration Tool

This tool will reach in behind the damaged threads, restore the threads to allow for a lug nut to be threaded on and torqued.  All of this takes place WITHOUT taking the vehicle off of the production line.

Huge cost savings by not having to pull the vehicle, put it on a hoist, remove the wheel, remove the stud, or the entire knuckle, replace the stud, or knuckle, replace the wheel, put the lug nuts back on and torque each one, then put the vehicle back onto the production line.


​This tool is currently in use at two separate major U.S. automobile manufacturing facilities.  It could be used at ALL auto assembly facilities worldwide.